Client: PeeBee Games
Role: Lead Artist & Animator
Year: TBA
Services: Game Design, Animation, Art Assets & Marketing.

NED is an up and coming Metroidvania-style 2D platformer by PeeBee Games where players take on the role as the iconic Bush Ranger in an apocalyptic but satirical take on the Australian Outback.

I was tasked with bringing the main character to life through concept design and animation along with all enemy assets and background elements to create a unique ‘Grunge-Toon’ art style that would fit the tone of the game.

Promotional Concept Art
Title Design
Ned: Character Sheet
Ned: Expressions and Poses
Ned Pose Concept 01
Ned Pose Concept 02
Ned Pose Concept 03
Ned Pose Concept 04
Town Gameplay Mockup
Boss Design: Zombie Cop Brute
Poster/Box Art Design