Nove Bikes

Client: Nove Bikes/Signify Media
Role Designer/Modeller
Year: 2018
Services: 3D Modelling & Design

Signify Media was contacted by NOVE Bikes to produce a fully immersive ecommerce website complete with interactive 3d models to assist customers with extensive customisation of bike frames and accessories sold. The 3D process involved taking original high poly models of 5 primary bike frames provided by the client and using ‘retopology’ to create low poly, clean models ready for web deployment. Further tasks included unwrapping, modelling and texturing components and setting up PSD templates in order to export specific colour code schemes and textures that would be integrated into the frontend UI of the NOVE website.

Various views and design ‘liveries’ for the NOVE Time Trial frame
nove web
‘Aero X’ frame with custom coloured liveries and accessories as displayed on the official NOVE website.
Aero Frame
CrossTrack Frame
Aero X Frame
Race Frame
Falcon Pro Saddle
Stealth Pro Saddle
NOVE Cockpit
VibePro Cockpit
Stealth Pro Cockpit